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    I was going through my app list and noticed I have duplicates of things. I have two Car Home applications (one is version 2.2 @ 4kb and the other is 2.2.1 @ 628kb), I have two Settings Storages (both version 2.2.1, one is @ 44kb and the other 88kb, each with different icons), and two TalksBacks (version 1.0.2 @ 28kb and the other 2.2.1 @ 68kb). Also, why do I need TTS Service and Pico TTS both?

    On another topic, I use SUFBS instead of Root Explorer (they do the same thing, but SUFBS is cheaper and I really like it). I browsed to the /system/app directory to see if there's anything in there I want to get rid of, and I noticed it only showed the system apps. On Froyo and Apex, ALL my apps were in that directory, not just system apps. Then I went to /data/app and found all my downloaded apps with a com. prefix to them. Does anyone else think this is weird? I mean, it's not a really problem, it's just kind of annoying having that com. prefix because it makes it harder to find apps. I also just noticed they all end in -1 (excluding the .apk file extension).

    Bear in mind that a lot of my downloaded apps were installed already when I first booted my phone after putting Liberty on it and adding my Google account and stuff. The Google sync backup thing did it for me. After having set up Liberty, I installed a couple more apps, and they go to that same directory. Any thoughts?
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