Droid X Restarting FresH>??!

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by Jug the Thug, Apr 10, 2011.

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    My DX had this weird problem where every time I would try to update an app it would result in Unknown Error - 18 Installation failure. So I brought it to verizon and the rep factory reset my phone and I couldn't remember my gmail password. The rep said google is very stubborn with no real people working in support so its technically impossible to get back your account. I never wrote down the password and when I went to account recovery on google's website it was a mandatory field to type in your last password, that really pissed me off. So I had to made a new gmail (writing down the password this time) and I basically have a new phone. The only apps I have are angry birds rio and astro file manager. Through the file manager I can see some of my paid apps and the cache in them, if I end up rebuying the app will my old stuff still be there? For example I bought the full PowerAMP music player will all my downloaded album art appear on the songs or will the tags still be edited? Is there anyway I can recover my paid apps through rooting? I have never rooted and really have no idea about what custom roms and are and stuff. Is it worth it to root? I heard about bricking is that hard to do? I know there has been a leaked Gingerbread and root for the DX but Koush's boot whatever seems really sketchy. Am I pretty much stuck at the beginning again? Will I have to rebuy all the stuff I want? I am perfectly well aware of things like 4share I know its against the rules on the website but anyone that downloads cracked apps from russia and china are asking for trouble.