Droid X in persistent “Silent” mode

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    I am missing calls and notifications because my Droid X is persistently in silent mode. I go into settings and uncheck silent mode; and 45 seconds later it changes back!

    This will happen when locked, and with device in my hand.

    1) Removed Seidio case (in case it was pressing volume buttons)
    2) Verified volume buttons work and not stuck
    3) Changed battery setting to performance.
    4) Tried “Volume locker” (in market)

    Volume locked provided some fun. Phone would go into silent mode, volume locker would switch back, Phone would go into silent mode, and volume locker would switch back. Notification bar was a blur! (Almost)

    Something is persistently keeping my phone in silent mode.

    This was happening with Froyo, and now Gingerbread.

    I will follow and check this thread, this is a problem!

    Google search found some neat ideas and apps, but no fix. Search here found one case, but no resolution was listed!

    I have not done a factory reset yet, I hope there is a setting somewhere I have missed.

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