Droid X camcorder problems, reboots, gets burning hot

Discussion in 'Droid X Tech Support' started by JayK9684, Jul 23, 2011.

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    I am on my 2nd Droid X replacement (June) due to a faulty Droid X that had hardware and software issues. It would not update to GB. When I shoot Video on my Droid X, it first freezes after recording and will not go to save the video and over half the time it won't play back on the phone, saying "Error File cannot be displayed".

    Also this phone tends to randomly reboot and get very burning like hot more than 120+ degrees! These are the same issues I had with my previous Droid X that plagued me for 6 months and since it wouldn't update OTA GB.

    I decided to take it in for replacement. I had not wanted to because I would have to redo all my apps and home screens which took a month or so to get organize. Other than these issues the phone is decent. Is this all common with Motorola's or just Droid X's? I don't see a point in getting yet another replacement because at the end of November I can do another 1 year upgrade! Any suggestions?

    I have already....
    Removed / Un-Mounted SD card
    Battery Pulls
    Factory Resets

    Droid X (stock)
    2.3.3 GB
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    I'm having the same issue with my X. Didnt happen before GB, tried something which was recommend on another forum, which was to delete the DCIM folder. I'm going to record some content and see if that works.
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    Make sure you make a backup copy of the DCIM folder. Another thing to mention is if you delete that folder it may make your camera and gallery void. But create a new DCIM folder and put your data back in it then.
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