Non-activated X reboot issues

Discussion in 'Droid X Tech Support' started by zsg1313, Jul 17, 2011.

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    So I got a replacement X after a small hardware failure, and since I got a company provided X2 I had intentions of turning the X into a nice wifi tab.

    I got some crazy reboot issues though.... Bypass activation and turning on airplane mode would stop the every 45second to 2min reboots and I can get apps of the market on wifi. But Barely. This is stock Froyo, stock GB, DSGB, and CM4DX.

    Does anyone else successfuly use their X without a data plan? I am doubtful this is a hardware problem and moreso an issue with the activation. Yesterday I put the device in airplane mode (on DarkslideGB) and successfully played tunes off the SD card for over a hour no prob. The minute wifi or 3g are turned on though a reboot within 10 minutes is guarenteed. The thing OC's to 1.35 ulv stable and Id rather not send it in for replacement again and suffer the same issues

    Motorola was absolutely useless when I described my problem, and after reading their response it looked as though my email was never even read. I would call them but I would probably get transferred 3 times and waste 3 hours of my life on hold.

    Anyone got any ideas?