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    Does anyone know if there is a way to export the calendar information out of my Droid, and put it into an Outlook account?

    Here is what happened. I have a guy that used a program called MyBackupPro to backup his Droid (the original) and then restored all of this data to his new Droid X. Well what that did, was restored the calendar to his Droid X, but we have corporate sync, and it must have restored funny, because it actually wiped out his Exchange calendar.

    So what we have is his phone has all of his calendar information, however his Exchange account does not. If you add a new calendar item on the Droid, it does not sync with Exchange. What I want to do is export his calendar data manually, and import it into a new seperate Exchange account. Then wipe his phone out and re-sync.

    What I really want to do is just export the calendar data somehow from the Droid, so I can use this data after I completely clear the phone. Anyone know how I can accomplish this???
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