Droid Razzr M Shutdown Problem

Discussion in 'Droid RAZR Support' started by Stubbie45, Sep 5, 2013.

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    I have had my Razzr M for less than a year and experience the unexpected shutdown of the device regardless if the unit is on the charger, connected via USB, or just in my pocket. I find this is an awesome phone with unique features however the feature that is most frustrating is this intermittent shutdown with the need to two hand procedure to do the recommended forced reboot. (Two hand because I happen to be an amputee with damage to my right hand.) :(

    My specific question is: Does the manufacturer, Motorola (Name on the top of my phone), have any future plans of updating the bios in these devices to make them a reliable product?

    Previous experience with a competing brand smart phone using Android ops/sys did not experience this kind of problem at all. It seems that it is specific to Motorola phones.

    The need to have a reliable cell phone while driving is not being supplied by a product that systematically just shuts off at any time. Rebooting mandates pulling off the road to properly reset the phone!
    This is a frustration that I personally have endured since the product was brand new and I see numerous posts about other users having similar problems.

    Not a rant, just a request to have the product reliable, which may be just a software update via the manufacturer!
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