Voice to text not working

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    I've had my Bionic for a month and a few days ago I got an update and shortly thereafter my voice to text is not working. It listens to the message and either starts to do its thing and just sits there forever or returns a message that it can't connect. When working properly, the listening and conversion to text is complete in seconds. I have three vertical bars showing along with the 4G LTE. I called Verizon who said to remove the battery while the phone is on and then restart. This help one time on the very first text effort. Tried a few hours later and back to the same old problem. Tried removing the battery again while the phone was on, still not working. I've had nothing but problems with Motorola products and wonder if other manufactures are any more reliable. I've using Motorola products for 15+ years and they seem to get worse every year.

    Verizon said the phone will need a hard reset which clears the phone. This is so inconvenient.
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