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    Hi all. I got the Droid on day 1 of release and it's been so great my wife switched from AT&T/iPhone to an HTC Droid Incredible on day 1 of it's release. The most alluring features for her is Google Navigation and the Hancent SMS application that allows responding to an SMS directly from the on screen popup. For me, the interaction between apps with mapping functionality and Google Navigation is the killer Android feature. Finding an interesting restaurant in Yelp, clicking "get directions", docking the phone in the car dock and having Google Navigation provide turn-by-turn GPS driving directions can not be beat.

    I recently bought a Droid for someone at work and the flat crappy keyboard problem seems to have been rectified. I'll blog about it soon and post here for feedback.

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention. My Droid is rooted running CyanogenMod and the HelixLauncher 2 shell.
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