Droid Charge v. HTC Thunderbolt

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    I'm thinking of going and picking up one or the other on a 1 year contract before Verizon stops offering them. My hope is to lock in the unlimited 4G and 1 year contract before I can't do it anymore. At this point, with all the problems the Bionic is seemingly having (in addition to the problems it has on AT&Ts network) I just don't think it's really worth waiting for it. My 1 year contract on my OG Droid has been up since November and the phone just needs to be retired already.

    Between the two phones, weighing all the positives and negatives, which do you think is the smarter purchase to take me until Next February... when there should hopefully be plenty of Dual Core (possibly even quad-core) phones available.

    Droid Charge: (Pros)
    1. SAMOLED+ Display
    2. 4G
    3. Potentially bigger battery than the Thunderbolt

    Droid Charge: (Cons)
    1. Samsung - Lack of Updates
    2. Odd looking form factor
    3. Can it be rooted?

    HTC Thunderbolt: (Pros)
    1. Rooted
    2. HTC Updates phones quickly

    HTC Thunderbolt: (Cons)
    1. Battery Life

    (I will add to the lists as points are made)
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