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    I am trying to set-up my computer so I can make calls from my computer and hear notifications from my phone over my speakers. I am currently unable to do a2dp for music. I am using Widcomm drivers and as soon as a I connect to music audio and try to play any music it turns itself off. Also when I try to make a call with this software, like how a car can make a call without using the phone, It says it is not supported on this device. Even if the phone states it supports HFP. I am able to make a call from my phone and use the microphone and speakers on my computer to communicate but that is it. I would like to hear a call coming in and all other notifications through my speakers like a regular headset. Is this even possible?

    A2DP does not work on my phone for the computer
    I want to hear notifications through my speakers
    Make calls using Widcomm
    Does Bionic really not support this for my computer and it only will work in the car?

    I can get a2dp to work through one app called twitch tv