Droid as E reader question- Olive Tree bible installation is backwards

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    Olive tree bible is a humongous phone memory hog and although they provide installation instructions the person that wrote them doesn't understand the android os.

    STEP 1
    When you download the free reader- although you're supposed to install the reader to the phone memory-IT GOES TO THE SD CARD

    STEP 2

    Within the reader software you then download the translation which is supposed to go to the Card but- IT GOES TO THE PHONE

    6.5 mb taking up precious phone memory on my droid.

    so how do i switch this?
    I guess fundamentally it's an ereader/ ebook question.

    On the droid- how do you make sure the reader is installed on the phone and the books go onto the card and make changes if necessary?

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    I don't think there is anything you can do about it at this point. 6.5 is a fair amount of space but you have 256 mb there, you should have plenty left over.

    I have a couple of apps that are 6.5 or better on my Droid. When FroYo 2.2 comes out there is suppose to be a way to download apps to the SD card, but I think that will only work with new apps coming out, not current ones already on the phone (again, I think).

    So unless you're really low on space I'd download it and not worry about it.
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