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Discussion in 'Droid FAQ' started by atomicwedgie, Nov 8, 2009.

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    Playing around with the phone, I've discovered how to do a few things that people might want to know about. If not, ignore my post and move on. :)

    Add an empty folder to store shortcuts in on any home screen.

    Menu->Add->Folders->New folder

    To change the name of that Folder, open it, touch and hold on it's title bar.

    You cannot add shortcuts directly into the folder. Create them on your home screen, then touch and hold the icon you want to put into the folder for two seconds. Then drag that shortcut over to the new folder and drop.

    For example I've created a folder called "Settings" where I keep shortcuts to Bluetooth, Battery, Sound and Display and Wi-Fi.

    You can do this for specific contacts, playlists, etc.
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