Droid 3 Problem with 3G and updating firmware

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by g747m, Jul 3, 2012.

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    Hi I live in Ireland and I recently bought a Droid 3, it was originally bought through Verizon and unlocked by the guy I bought it off

    I'm using it on the 3 network, and the 3g works, but only when it wants to, if I get it working and keep using it the 3g will stay working but if it drops when i'm not using it it will stay disconnected and won't even work for GSM (regular calls/texts etc)

    I was thinking the best way to solve this would be do upgrade the firmware, it is currently 5.6.890 so i'm trying to upgrade it to to 5.7.906
    When i go into 'System Updates' it allows my download the upgrade file (~220mb), but when it tries to install it ends up saying 'Update Failed!'
    I tried to follow this Droid 3 software update but the I can't find the update file that I've downloaded.

    So any help with the 3g connection problem or the upgrade problem would be appreciated so much! :)
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