Droid 3 invalid SIM after some time

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    hey guys,

    im trying to save my Motorola Droid answers and you are pretty much my last straw of hope since tech support so far was horrid.

    Story goes like this- I got my Droid 3 in US as a Verizon customer with the intention of using it overseas eventually. after I moved out of US I spoke with Verizon, they unlocked the phone and the phone being global ready worked in 4 different European countries without any problems.

    Then I moved to Denmark and the problems started. I have two types of issues:
    -the phone takes a sim card and works perfectly normal and then after 15-20 mins it reports invalid sim card and loss of network. technical support of cell subscription provider does not have any answer and Motorola's chat tech support are asking questions like is the battery full and are you using the original charger?!? Whenever that happens I have to reset the phone and then it works again for some time
    -second problem is that phone resets itself from time to time, lets say every 30 mins which is also very annoying.

    I think that the first problem occurs more frequently when I use wifi but I am not sure of that. Maybe I am just imagining or maybe I just pay more attention on the screen while using wifi.

    Factory reset did not help these issues. Is there anything I could do? I absofreakinglutely love my droid and had 3 phones from droid series. In addition not being currently in the US puts an additional strain in getting another one.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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