Droid 2 Reactivation Problem

Discussion in 'Android Forum' started by Elistariel, Oct 13, 2013.

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    So I've had a hand-me-down Droid 2 for a while. I've been using it as a kindle and in places with free wifi, and free apps. I can't, well couldn't make calls on it as it was my understanding that it wasn't activated as a call-someone-with-it phone. I have an LG Octane for actual phone calls and texts, but it has no data plan.
    So I was messing with the Droid 2 and noticed I was still getting email notifications for the person who gave it to me's email. When I went to check things on Google Play for downloading free apps I noticed the other person's email was attached to it. Same with youtube and I couldn't get it to disconnect from that email and to my own.
    It was my understanding that Factory Reset would just clear the former user's info and whatnot from it.

    I understood wrong. I did the Factory Reset and now it insists I reactivate it using a number.

    Um... slight problem. This phone has no number. I do not want it to have a number. I have no intention, at all, ever of making calls on it. I'm sure Droids are great phones, but my Octane is fine. Plus my Octane is on a family plan and only about $10 a month. So unless anyone knows where I can get a $10 a month 500 texts plan with free Data, it ain't happening.

    Is there anyway I can bypass this stupid activation thing or do I just need to take it into Verizon? I don't want to sit there for who knows how long while they try to sell me a data plan.

    Thank you for any help you can offer.