Droid 2 Nandroid backup?

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    Does the latest version of ClockworkMod ROM Manager support the Droid 2 on gingerbread? I've been trying to make a nandroid backup (4 times now) and when I look to find where it's supposed to be saved, there's nothing in there. The clockworkmod folder is virtually empty. I've been following this guide: [Complete Guide] How To Fully Back Up And Restore Your Android Phone Using Nandroid BackupWhen I click "Backup Current ROM" it brings up a dialog box for what I want to name the file, and when I click OK the phone reboots itself immediately. What am I doing wrong?

    I figured out what I was doing wrong. I had to make a backup using droid 2 bootstrap.

    But now when I download a rom from rom manager, it doesn't work. And I can't find a single rom that I can safely flash because of the ota gingerbread update.
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