Droid 2- Can't use usb sync with PC ( windows 7 64 bit )

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    I get the notice at the top of the droid window asking to connect via usb.
    I get a notice from windows saying device can not be recognized.
    I get a windows notice saying it is installing device driver, then another staing driver fails to install.
    Droid does show up in storage devices in win 7 but with a yellow exclamation, same in network devices...again with the exclamation.

    I have tried the motorola driver from their site that windows site takes you too...the motohelper driver 5.2.0...again it installs and says it fails installation...

    I think that is everything....ugh...i have the new GB update as of last friday...never tried syncing this phone before this.

    Moderator: can you please delete this thread...or leave it if you think this will help someone else...I have resolved the issue myself...

    I was using a data link cable I had just picked up from the Verizon store , It would not work at all...so just for shiz and giggles i took the one that is connected to the plug in charger ( I had for got that it actually unplugs from the charger itself and becomes a data chord) And it all works perfectly. ( Slaps self in the head ).
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