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Discussion in 'Motorola Droid Bionic' started by Batman8, Mar 28, 2012.

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    How many Android phones now actually have both an internal AND external SD Card? I am really curious because I am wondering just how damn long it's going to take for developers (especially Gameloft) to start making titles that will allow you to store the ENTIRE game data folders to your EXTERNAL card?!!!

    It has been driving me crazy since the launch of the Bionic that I can't fit more that a ridiculous 8GB of game data in the internal area when lots of games have data folders that are OVER 1GB which in theory can leave you with only enough room for 7-8 HD games.

    I'm seeing this as a problem again today as "Gangstar Rio: City of Saints" was released by Gameloft, and again, the data folder for it is HUGE as usual but nobody seems to be doing anything about it!! WTF...I have a 64GB external SD card and it is not doing me a damn bit of good when it comes to the bigger/better HD games (GTA3, Real Racing, 9MM, Backstab, ShadowGun, Street Fighter HD, Asphalt 6, Shadow Gardian, etc., etc., etc.,)!!!!!

    I just can't help wondering when the hell I'm going to be able to feel like I really have a top of the line phone, and NOT have to always figure out what I'm going to delete in order to make room for something new. I even fear updating my apps via the market because they are usually getting bigger and bigger when updated and space is soooo valuable.

    So in short, I ask the question of "how many Android phones have both internal AND external SD cards" because when speaking to Motorola level 3 support about this problem I was told that it will probably continue to be an issue until the software developers start writing the games so that they will look to the external card for their data. Motorola also when on the say that it will probably NOT be resolved until there are enough phones out there running ICS which I'm told is the reason behind the new structure. The only phone that I know of that has ICS is the Galaxy Nexus, so are there many others at this point?

    I surely hope this is resolved sooner rather than later because it is REALLY pissing me TFO. I've found that even the apps like "Apps2SD" and similar will only move a small part of the file but the huge data folder still must reside internally.

    THIS IS THE ONLY THING THAT I HATE ABOUT THE BIONIC, otherwise it is a great phone (but with no space for large HD games). Someone PLEASE HELP!!!