Disallow changing system language & auto airplane mode

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    1.Disallow changing system language 2.Auto airplane mode on JB

    Hi all,

    I'm new to Android but already know almost everything that needs to known about this OS, I installed all the apps and configured the system as I need, but I still have 2 questions/issues that need an answer:

    1. My wife keeps on changing system language to another one because she doesn't know the default language to well, but I want her to learn that language and I need a way to deny changing the language I setup, I would be very glad if there is a fix on the system side, don't want to install an app specially for this, but if there is no other way I would agree to install one.

    2. I know that in Jelly Bean apps don't have the right to change airplane mode, but I want to configure my Android to enter in Airplane Mode on schedule, how to accomplish this ?

    Thank you.

    P.S. my phone is rooted from the factory.
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