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Nov 17, 2009
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Jun 16, 2012
    1. PrinceJason
      Yesterday, I read the announcement for the introduction of the HTC Incredible. It has a flash and screen slightly smaller than the HTC Droid, though its OLED. It comes out tomorrow. My only concern is that I have to wait for hacks. This is made apparent because there are more mods for the Motorola phone than Eris or Hero as posted in the forum. It is ironic that Microsoft would ask for royalties from HTC for its use of Andriod a day prior to the introduction of the Incredible.

      Copy and paste:[]=2708&id[]=2444&id[]=2320

      -Incredible will have a talk time of 5.2 hours.
    2. PrinceJason

      I am currently deciding between an Eris and Droid. You chose the Droid and returned your Eris. In contrast, I have read post by people who have returned their Droid and chose the Eris. I am unsure about either. One reason I haven't decided for the Droid yet is it is about twice the weight and size of my current phone which is a Nokia 2270. I would be carrying the new phone around in my pocket. In assisting in my decision, what do you find better about the Droid than the Eris? The Droid has a QWERTY keyboard, built-in flash on the camera, and better display. However, the Eris is lighter and has Sense UI. I would want to root then upgrade to Android 2.1 and will be then flashing and activation on the MetroPCS network.
    3. MS2SF
      Hey tktouch12,
      I noticed you have wifi-tether and a rooted droid. I am very green. Both envious and scared. What do you think of bugless beauty? Have you tried other programs?
      ms2sf - Michael
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    got eris: 12/24/09
    returned eris: 12/28/09
    got droid: 12/31/09
    rooted droid: sometime in january (right after it was released (manually))
    bb->2.1 sbf->desire rom> 2.1bb> 2.2
    got incredible as warranty replacement 8/31/10
    shattered inc screen 9/25/10-> got insurace replacement 10/4/10
    broke inc screen 10/19/10-> got warranty replacement 10/22/10
    got moto droid 1 off ebay 1/7/11
    broke inc screen 5/26/11-> got insurance replacement inc2 5/27/11
    sold inc2 & bought vzw 16gb iphone 4 6/9/11