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    Hello all! I am new here to the site and have never had a Droid yet. The first and only smartphone I've ever had (and still have) is the BlackBerry Storm 1. I want to move into a Droid, but can't decide which one. I really would like to get the Droid X but I think it will be a bit too big. You see, I am an auto mechanic. From day one, my Storm has been in my pocket. I can't use a holster due to it getting cought on seatbelts and whatnot and breaking. I saw the "X" a couple weeks ago in person and I have a feeling it will not work well in my pocket. The reason I am into the "X" is for the large touchscreen keyboard. I like the touch keyboard on my storm (when it works) but the keys are too close together for my thumbs. I do a lot of texting and e-mailing on my phone. I would go on the internet a lot as well, but the BlackBerry is so slow at loading pages, I don't even bother. So, can anyone point me in any direction? Any fellow mechanics or "pocket holders" that have any insight? Thanks a lot ahead of time!