Details Supposedly Leak for One of Google I/O's Big Announcements

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    According to the latest reports, one of the big announcements from Google at their upcoming I/O conference will be related to a new health related platform. Supposedly, this new platform will be called Google Fit and will be designed to compete directly with Apple's Healthkit platforms (which was just announced for iOS 8) and Samsung's Sami Health (also recently unveiled).

    Google's version will focus on aggregating all of their API's into a cohesive ecosystem. Here's a quote with the details,

    As you can see, there will still be some surprises in store, as we still don't know if this will be built into the next version of Android, or part of Android Wear, or both. More than likely, Google Fit will at least be offered with Android Wear, because that is obviously where it fits best.

    It's interesting to note that Google, Apple and Samsung aren't the only ones getting into this game. Recent rumors suggest Microsoft plans to do the same thing with its super-integrated and multi-platform smartwatch coming later on down the pike. As always, stay tuned! We will bring you all the juicy details of Google I/O June 25 and 26.

    Source: Forbes
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