Google Employee Shares Details on What We can Expect from Android Wear Notifications

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    Android Wear is Google's new version of Android designed for wearable devices, most notably the upcoming Android watches like the LG G Watch and the Moto 360. Despite Google's fairly recent announcement of Android Wear, we haven't really seen much of the OS just yet. Luckily, a Googler was obviously given permission to share a bit more.


    That brings us to the above pics, which show off the Android Wear Notifications. As you can see, we get a variety of different notification types, from your typical Google Calendar reminder to a playback from a podcast. There's even a notification to have your Nest thermostat let you know when there is a potential fire in your house!

    It's quite intriguing to see how Google plans to fit the notification onto the smaller screen of a watch or other wearable. On top of this, it will apparently be very easy for third party developers to add in their own custom notifications for Android Wear. Very slick!

    Source: Google+