couple questions regarding drivers, adb and bluetooth

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    i thought i had this all saved from last time i reformatted my laptop but i guess im retarded and deleted it.

    windows 7 64-bit system

    there was a thread or page i had bookmarked that outlined installing the adb install on a 64 bit machine, then outlined adding the environmental variables to get it work. does anyone have that page? (ive already followed the success guide for windows install and good to go with that, it was another page somewhere else)

    Right now Ive got the ADB drivers installed, JDK installed and SDK tools installed and now I can't remember what I need to do to finish up.

    Issue 1:

    Installed motorola mobile driver 5.1.0. When connecting the phone via usb and in PC Mode:

    -Motorola USB Composite Device - good
    -Motorola USB Networking Driver - good
    -Motorola USB Modem - good
    -Mot Composite ADB Interface - good

    -MTP USB Device - Failed

    I cannot seem to get the MTP USB Device to load or find it anywhere, even after updating the driver through the motorola update program. Is this installed somewhere else or does anyone have a link to this?

    Issue 2
    I can get my laptop to find the Droid X and pair. The Audio/Video Remote Control drivers install fine but the Bluetooth Peripheral Device driver continues to fail. Ive searched but everywhere I look it says to install Windows Mobility Center or something and it didn't work. Anyone have any help?
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