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    I want to add a video from my pc to my Droid Eris but when i add it into my droid folder under video, the video will not even play. I have read that i would need to convert the file to match the droids specifications and i would need some sort of program to do it. Can't i just change the file type with Ms-Dos or is that a whole different thing?

    My video is an Mpeg-4 and it still wont play on my droid! Any suggestions, thanx!
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    MPEG4 is broad term. MPEG4 AVC (H264) and MPEG4 SP are often used as MPEG4 files, however, DIVX and XVID are also MPEG4 formats. In addition, there are numerous advanced settings used to create these files that determine compatibility for a device. B-frames, Levels and also the audio format used in the file.
    In general, iPod/iPhone compatible files will play (not so-called "Digital Copies", rentals or purchases, do a search on these forums for that)
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