Connecting Droid to computer

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    A solution that worked for me...

    I am having issues with getting my Droid to mount. The phone chimes "Droid" when I plug it in and mount it plus the puter has that pretty little chime that lets me know it felt something "poke" it too lol. The problem is when I go to "My Computer" I do not see it listed there as a device and I don't get that nice little bubble to tell me it's found new hardware and it's installed and playing nicely with the puter. I went to the device manager and do see it listed there as a external drive and it say it's working fine. All things seem to be in place but being able to actually access the damn device....ugh.

    OK...I am running 7 Pro on this machine and the hubby's laptop has XP Pro. It mounts up like butter to his laptop. I have found a solution that works for me...not sure if it will work for all. I have heard that some who run 7 had no issues mounting...I was not one of those lucky souls. I went to MS and dl'd Windows XP Mode. It runs as a virtual machine inside 7. You can use this if you have Pro or Ultimate. It is a bit of a hassle but I wanted to play with my Droid on my puter...not the hubby's. Installing wasn't so bad and didn't take all that long. It did make my net stop working so I had to release and renew the adapters in both 7 and XP Mode with the cmd prompt. Give it a shot...if it doesn't work just do a restore or uninstall. Good luck to anyone who tries.
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