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    Ok so this has been a back and forth procedure. I have koush's bootstrap and clockwork saved 2 spots in case i screw something up. Im using GB but looking to upgrade to ics.

    Motorola Droid 3 – CyanogenMod – Downloads « Hash-of-Codes

    This is the website i downloaded the cm9 zip file from. i chose the one marked [new] [wipe recommended], and put that zip on my sd card. I also put the GAPPS zip file on my SD. I am just clarifying, all i do is boot into clockwork then select install zip from internal SD card, then after that finishes install the GAPPS file afterwards, then just boot up and im good to go? the only reason i ask is i previously tried to install this CM9 file but it just kept freezing in the motorolla screen and i had to SBF it, very annoying. Could someone just clarify if my step by step is correct?
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    Download Hashcodes safestrap if you don't already have it. If you don't; make sure you uninstall any other bootstrap you have before installing safestrep.

    Follow these instructions and you will be good to go
    Safestrap instructions and flashing a zip file:

    1. In main menu select backup and restore, select backup, select internal sd or external sd ( I recommend external just in case something happens and you loose everything on internal sd) and it will create a back up. Go back to main menu.
    2. In main menu select factory data reset and select yes.
    3. In main menu select Wipe cache and select yes.
    4. In main menu select advanced and select Wipe delvik cache and yes. Go back to main menu.
    5. In main select safe system and toggle safe system and yes. This will turn safe system on and create a backup. Go back to main menu.
    6. Select install zip from sdcard and select choose install zip, scroll to where your zip is (rom if your installing a rom) and select it then select yes. This will flash the rom zip. When finished; flash GAPPS
    7. Select go back to go back to main menu and select reboot phone.
    8. Sit back and relax till system is fully loaded and give it about 5 to 10 minutes to settle.
    Congratulations you have just installed safestrap, activated safe system and flashed a zip or rom and good to go. Enjoy :)

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