Citrix Receiver issues.

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    The company I work for uses Citrix quite extensively, from ABS versions of IE8 to virtual machines such as FlexDesk. I used to own an HTC phone and had no issues with Citrix, but now I am having all sorts of issues. The biggest issue I am having is that I am unable to set up my FlexDesk session normally, you know, like entering in the server name and USER ID and Password and Domain. I am only able to get it to work through the "web interface". Which I never had an issue with until this most recent update, at the same time I just got this DROID BIONIC so I am trying to access FlexDesk on a new phone and an updated Citrix, and from what I can tell, the Citrix receiver on the phone seems to be the same version as if I was to go out and download it on another phone (Since Citrix comes pre-installed on the phone due to GoTo Meeting, I thought it might be different than the version I used with my old phone)
    Second issue, once I get logged in through the Web Interface, the keyboard does not work, at all. I am able to get the cursor to blink like in Microsoft Office Communicator but not able to type any letters, I can use the pointer and get the Windows virtual keyboard opened up and us that, but it would take me 20 minutes to say hi to someone.
    Please note* I am certain that the information I am inputting into my citrix client is correct as I am on the team that set up the XenApp Server. It works flawlessly on other phones such as my old EVO and my bosses Atrix.

    any ideas would be great, I'll try anything, but I am under the impression that the BIONIC is the issue not the citrix receiver.
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