[Videos] How to Use The Built in DROID Bionic Apps

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    Motorola Droid Bionic App How To Guide

    How to Set Up Zumocast – This short video shows you how to get the Zumocast service up and running so that you can access your computer’s files from your phone.

    How to Use Zumocast – Once you have everything setup, this video will show you how you can use Zumocast to access your music, movies and documents while on the go.

    How to Use MOTOPRINT – MotoPrint allows you to print wirelessly to your home or office printers. MOTOPRINT allows you to print photos, documents and more, right from your Bionic.

    How to use Citrix Receiver - If you use Citrix, or want to sign up for it, you can gain access to your important documents and other work functions from your Droid Bionic.

    How to Video Chat with Gtalk – You can use the built in Gtalk application to video chat with other Google users. You can chat between phones and to their Gmail account on the web.

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    The video on using citrix is worthless. It does not tell you how to set it up, it just says get an account, sign in (but the citrix app has no sign in feature) and use it. Does anyone actually know how to set up citrix?>
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