Charging Problem / Picture Storage Question

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by AnitaLife, Jul 23, 2010.

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    I purchased my first Droid December 31st, it lasted about 35 days before I started getting weird error messages (something, blah, force close, ?) and phone would shut down and turn on repeatedly until I just had to pop out the battery. Verizon ended up sending me (what I THOUGHT was) a new phone.

    Last week my 'new' phone started to get really hot and battery wouldn't seem to hold a charge. Yesterday it stopped charging altogether and now just shuts down and reboots randomly. I've tried charging it in 3 different locations, it tells me it's charging, but it doesn't. Now I can't even use it unless it's plugged in, but still just shuts down within minutes.

    Yesterday, I called Motorola who informed me that Verizon only replaces uninsured phones over 30 days old with '100-point inspected, factory guaranteed refurbished' phones. So, now Verizon is sending me ANOTHER '100-point inspected, factory guaranteed refurbished' phone.

    Vent over, on to my question... where are my pictures stored on my phone and how can I either move them to my card or email the lot of them to myself? I've tried to select all and email them (200+) and even by folder, but it won't. Please tell me that I don't have to do it one-by-one!