Cast Your Android Screen To Your PC With Weak Control

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    Casting is all the rage these days. Being able to fling your phone's screen onto your big screen is an awesome feature. With videos it is easier to just lean back and watch on your Living Room's big screen. Apple has done this with the Apple TV for some time now. Recently Android has added the Screen Cast option which allows you to cast your Android's screen to a Chromecast. This is nice but if you have a media PC connected to your TV "Weak Control" may provide you with an even better option. Weak Control allows you to cast your screen to your PC.

    ★ Cast your device screen in real time to a browser on your PC.
    ★ WATCH full HD movies.
    ★ PLAY favorite games,
    ★ LISTEN to your music collection,
    ★ CHAT with friends.
    ★ WRITE a novel in any language.
    ★ CONTROL your device with a keyboard and a mouse.
    ★ ENJOY the power of your device like never before.

    This is pretty coo. While you might be able to get some things done on your smartphone chances are you could be much more productive if you were able to use the keyboard from your PC on your smartphone instead of the qwerty touchscreen keyboard. You are able to do this with Weak Control since your Android screen can be cast into any PC web browser. Head to the link below for the app.

    via XDA
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    Needs root permission.
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