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    When I saw the name of the new app which promises to cast games I couldn't help but think of the scene in Malibu's most wanted where the gangster tells B-Rad that he has a "GameCast". Brad says, "Well there's Game Cube and then there is Dream Cast..". The gangster yells back, "Man I said I got a GameCast!". This is not a knockoff console rather the GamingCast promises to sling games over to your Chromecast! This is pretty exciting stuff. This serves as a proof of concept that this can be done. While you won't be writing home about the quality of games that are included I'm sure you will quickly get your $1.50 worth of fun out of this app. You get Snake, Pong, Xonix, Tetronimoes. The developer states on the Play Store listing that more games are coming in the future. My guess as that they will be retro just like the currently available games. While the game is cast to your screen your phone will turn into your controller. If we could get some of the more popular games with the same casting feature this could well be a game changer in the mobile gaming market place!

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