Can´t get into recovery mode

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    Hi to all people,

    I have a Samsung galaxy s plus and i have a problem.

    I cant seem to get into recoverymode. I tried all the key-combinations, such as: Volume up and power; Volume up, down and power; Home, volume up and power... etc. Pretty much any combination.

    With the Home-VolumeUp-Power combination i got into RAMDUMP MODE. I had no clue what that was all about so i took out the battery.

    With the VolumeUp-Power combination and a right timing i got to the 'Android out of the box'-screen (below). After 10 to 20 seconds that screen disappeared and the phone rebooted again.

    View attachment 49851

    I was looking on google and they were talking about the ADB mode. So i tried that one an that gave me the same result as the VolumeUp-Power comination.

    I also tried the ROM manager app but because my phone is not rooted this was no option either.

    I think my phone is blocked from the recovery mode.

    Cold you please help me, and excuse my grammar, im Dutch.

    Im a total noob so please, try to explain in simple English.
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