Camera ZOOM FX pics taken do not appear in folder

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    I have the free version and it has worked flawlessly storing pics in the CameraZoom folder in my Galaxy S4 memory.

    Today, it stopped storing pics taken. The camera seems to work but if you look at the small thumbnail in the lower LH corner, it keeps showing the last pic in the folder - the pic just taken does not appear as a thumbnail. (Note: you click the thumbnail to view/edit/etc. the pic just taken.

    I also had a weird even where I was trying to take a pic with max zoom, and the camera did not click.

    I also had my phone shut off as soon as I turned it on while CZ was still loaded - was CZ crashing the OS.

    I'm running 5.0.1 and the phone is a SCH-I545, CZ 6.2.9

    I'm NOT trying the Camera2 API.
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