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Discussion in 'Droid Bionic Tech Support' started by jkeithv, Apr 25, 2013.

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    Since updating my Bionic to JB, I noticed that the calendar setting had changed. I don't sync my calendar with other services, so really just use it on my phone. With ICS I was using the different calanders for there color differentiation so I could quickly look at the month and tell if something was work related, a possible activity, and a must activity. The gray, brown and green colors made that easy to see the difference. Since JB those have changed to orange, teal and green. The teal and green are so close to each other it's difficult to tell them apart, esp in the month view. Is there a way to change colors?
    That was annoying enough, but then last night I was getting tired of the Google Now always popping up info that I didn't need or want, so I turned it (and the cards) off. I went back into my calendar, and all the appointments associated with my Msn account (teal colored) were gone. That was about 80% of my calendar! I tried turning Google Now back on to no avail. And all the calendars are still checked in settings as they always have been. Where did all my appointments go? Extremely frustrated right now. What can I do? I've been very unhappy with the phone since ICS (which really bogged down the response time to clicking on things) and now this.