Busybox installation problems...

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    Ok I was trying to follow this guide [Script][Update 9 Beta] The V6 SuperCharger! The ONLY Android MEMORY FIXER! [Script][Update 9 Beta] The V6 SuperCharger! The ONLY Android MEMORY FIXER! - xda-developers and everything was going fine till I got to busybox installation. It started installing fine and was downloading, when it got to 4% I realized I wasn't on WiFi so I switched it then it just stopped downloading, so I then force closed the app. Now when I try to install busybox it says it doesn't have root access even though its allowed in Superuser permissions. How do I completely uninstall this busybox so I can start the installation from scratch or is there some way to fix what I did? Why does this have to be so complicated :'( I just want my p

    I'm running a rooted Droid Charge running Gummycharged 1.9
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