Bugged Battery % LGB 0.6

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    Battery woes

    My battery either seems to say 50% or 70%, jumping from one to the other after reboots. What's up with this? I charged it for an entire hour and it's still 50%. I reboot it and it's 70%, reboot again and it's 50%. Anyone else have this problem? I plan to wipe, go to 0.7, and use one of my spare batteries and see how it goes.

    EDIT:Gone, updated to 0.7 from 0.6

    But my battery is draining fast, faster than it is charged. It also takes much longer to charge, if I leave the phone idle. On the bright side, at least my 3g is crazy fast. Considerably faster than being right next to a Comcast router, at least at downloading the Liberty customizer.
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