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    So I think I fumbled my way into a brick situation.

    Full story:
    I have a Razr obviously, and enjoyed it rooted with ICS for about a year or so. For the last couple weeks it's been wanting to update to JB, and I tried to make that happen last night. I made a backup with Safestrap on my SD card, then did a factory reset. It seemed mostly factory reset, but I still had SU, which I didn't expect. Tried to do the OTA JB update, but it failed. I started getting frustrated so I went to the safestrap boot screen and chose to restore my recent backup. It finished the process and I chose to reboot the phone.

    It wouldn't turn back on for a while. I did some reading and it does boot up when I hold power+volume down. It just shows a moto logo for a bit then turns back off. I've tried to do a power+volume up to get into a boot screen with no luck. I've also tried all three buttons with no effect.

    Any thoughts would be highly appreciated.

    So I can get some stuff going by holding the volumedown+power, then after a flicker I hold both volume buttons. This brings me to the Boot Mode Selection Menu. Normal Powerup brings me to the dual-core logo, then shuts off. So I can access that menu but I'm not sure what to do from here.

    Update 2:
    Well it looks like the biggest thing holding me back was lack of drivers on my pc. I wanted to use the droid utility but it took me a while to figure out why it wasn't working. Drivers installed, ran the utility, phone is back in action. For future readers, this was the walkthrough I used: unbricking a razr
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