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    I have an odd problem that I can't figure out whats causing it.......

    On one of your home screens put the power widget somewhere. If I press the wifi button, it'll either turn on or off depending on its current state. Its little green light will turn on and off. It will connect to any remembered wifi locations in range. Normal operation. Everything else works normal operation except bluetooth.

    Bluetooth is on by default when I turn my phone on. If I press the button on the power widget, it turns dim, but never off. If you press it again, nothing happens. This is how it will stay until you reboot the phone. Then its back on. No clue why this is happening, and a google search gives no answers.

    In root explorer, it does show bluetooth.apk, bluetooth.odex, Brcmbluetoothservices.apk, and Brcmbluetoothservices.odex.

    I'm afraid to try to copy/paste the apks to another area, then copy it to my phone, and then try to reinstall them, as i'm not even sure if thats the problem. Also not sure if re-installing them would even take. Then I'd have two problems.

    Anyone know a way to figure out whats causing this?
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