best rss reader for google reader?

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    i currently use NewsRob, but recently noticed a problem. i went on the google reader website, and noticed i have about 142 UNREAD stories o_O
    i have 4 different RSS feeds added to GReader.
    NewsRob reads about 2 of them, and the other 2, i NEVER see.
    is there a better RSS reader that works with google reader?

    just noticed the feeds that weren't syncing, actually ARE syncing to newsrob. i just don't get notifications for them, and when i get the "x amount new articles" notification for the ones that do sync and i click on it, it doesn't show me these. the only way i just saw these was opening NewsRob without using the notification link, which kinad defeats the purpose for me.

    is Greed any good? anyone use it?
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