Before you guys buy anything on ebay or the internet again....

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    You guys have to sign up for ebates! .

    If you sign up for ebates here at they will send you up to 10% of the purchase back in the mail as a check... and if its your first purchase at ebates you can pick a free $10 gift card.... I use ebates for everything now. i Got a $25 check this month... and depending on the website it may be more or less than 10%...

    As an example I just I just bought a steinheil ultra fine for 22.99 shipped on eBay...

    This was the eBay link. SGP Motorola Xoom Screen Steinheil Series Ultra Fine - eBay (item 140529509916 end time Apr-29-11 01:49:12 PDT)

    Prices says 24.99 but they auto accepted my Offer price of 22.99. So using ebates I got another 2 bucks back... steinheils website sells them for $25

    Its all about saving money right?