Battery malfunction

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    So just got home earlier, turned off Rhapsody, locked the phone. Little bit later I tried to open facebook. It stalled, and eventually froze. Lock key wouldn't respond, and I couldn't shut off the phone to do a reset. Fiddled around with it for a bit, and got the idea to plug it in. So I plug it in, and it's showing me that the battery is at 5%. I defintely never got a low batter warning, and when it booted up, the lock screen said 50%.
    So I unplugged it thinking it was a fluke. Then it froze again. Plugged it back in, and turned off the display timeout. Runs as good as ever while I have it on and opened.

    Might the batter need replaced? Or do I need to do something to the battery app? Is there a replacement app for batter management?

    Regards, and Thanks.

    Oh btw, Motorola droid 4 Android version 4.0.4
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