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    Correction: the question mark is WHITE.

    I just bought the droid x Saturday. The battery charge level has been a concern but I have thought nothing of it since I have read this may be normal. I have read through threads on here but I have not found the answer to my particular situation.

    When I have the phone plugged in with USB cable to computer and it's fully charged, after a while I get a black battery icon with a question mark (i think yellow) in the notification bar.

    When I unplug the phone it goes away.

    Any ideas on what this means?

    After this happening, I added the "Battery Left Widget". I dont know how reliable their info is, but it says battery health is good. At 100% it says battery life is approximately 8 1/2 hrs. Is this normal?

    I have had a few forced reboots also....this a normal/seperate issue?
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