Bad battery after OTA to FROYO? Do this...

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    Hey all...I had the same bad battery issues as most are having...and was pissed! I went to work, came out (phone on standby for 8 hours) and my battery went from 85% to 19%...and starting beeping at me on the ride home! Totally unsat! So, I called VZW. Here's what we did...

    -Pulled the battery, waited 20 seconds, put it back.
    -Powered back on and updated the roaming...dial *228 and select option 2
    -He told me to monitor it and he'd call me Monday to check on it...or if I was still having problems that I could always call back.

    Once done, I charged my phone to 100%, took it off the charger, left Mobile Data ON, I always leave WiFi ON, put it in standby and went to bed. 10 hours later, it is still at 91%! Holy cow, they actually helped me on this one. Gotta give em props...they came through this time...big time...

    Hope this helps...
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