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Feb 1, 2010
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Jul 13, 2011
    1. WoZzY
      are you still looking to get the HTC Merge I am to Looks like a beast of a device Bro if you are add me up
    2. justinc101011
      Yep but using nandroid to reapply your backup wont unroot you. and if the rom is a update.zip then yes but others ask you to copy the files to your nandroid folder and backup thru that either way if you got thru this tutorial then youll have no problems just read the supplied material
    3. jrummy16

      Thank you for your thread on how to install bugless beast for noobs. I have BB 7.4 up and running and I love it. I have a few questions and I wanted to ask you directly since you did the writeup. I have searched the thread for answers but after getting a big headache and not finding anything I quite.

      My two questions are 1. To get back to stock can I simply apply my nandroid backup that I did or do I have to take another approach? 2. If I want to install another rom do I simply copy the update.zip to the root of my sdcard and start at step #20 or do I need to do the process all over or some other procedure?

      Thank you in advance. You helped me love my phone even more!

      Thanks again,

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