Backup Assistant Travesty - Any Help Appreciated!

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    Before I begin this tale of dreadful woe, I feel pretty confident the situation is a lost cause... but for the sake of desperately searching all options, I thought to come to the most knowledgeable place I could. That's here!

    Quick and Easy Version:
    Backup Assistant has turned a full contact list into no contact list from a synch done on a new Droid 3 that should have been a restore.

    The Full Story:
    My wife recently decided to make the move from an LG Vortex to the Droid 3. She activated the Droid 3, then set it down to charge the new battery. Meanwhile she backed up all of her Vortex items, triple checked to be sure they were each successfully and wholly backed up, and (as it's to be given to another family member) gave a factory reset the Vortex. All was fine and dandy as she was setting up her phone, until it came time to rely on Backup Assistant to restore her contacts. Now, we're both tech-savvy people, even if not entirely experienced with the Android/Verizon systems. So when the Backup Assistant was signed into and the only option on the screen was to sync we assumed that would be the correct thing to do.

    Of course this failed and no contacts sync'd. So then we thought perhaps it needed the old skool plug-it-into-the-pc method, and upon doing that we discovered that the phone had done the sync and overwritten her 14yrs worth of business and personal contacts to a terrifying zero contacts. The Verizon site gives no reversion options (which I think is absolutely ludicrous) and of course she didn't think to export her list. In part because she's gone through a lot of phones in the last few years and Backup Assistant has been tried and true. But it only takes once to foul it up. We called Verizon and it's after business hours, so no luck there yet. I've been doing hours worth of research trying to find any possibility to retrieve the information from either the website or the phone, but given the situation my results are looking rather dim. Meanwhile, it's pretty safe to say she's livid... and I'm bummed she's not having fun with her rocking new phone thanks to the shortcoming.

    Things I've Already Checked:
    :reddroid: Contacts are not in the BA trash.
    :reddroid: Old Vortex SD Backup has zero contact information on it (unless there's a specific filetype I'm looking right at and not recognizing).
    :reddroid: Contacts/Numbers/Addresses for some reason did not sync to her Google accounts (which boggles my f'n mind).
    :reddroid: Vortex is currently in Non-activated state, so I haven't been able to access it.
    :reddroid: Verizon is unreachable until tomorrow (will try to update if we get in touch with them)
    :reddroid: Thank you in advance for reading all of this!

    Soooo. Anyone out there have any suggestions??
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