Backup Assistant not working

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    I got my new Droid 3 on Tuesday. When the backup assistant ran and loaded my contacts, all looked okay at first. Then I noticed that most of the contacts that I had added since mid April were not in my contacts list. So...I went through my old phone and manually entered the missing phone it's all good, right? Wrong! Today I got an error that backup assistant could not connect. I turned it off and back on, nothing. So, I decide to go online and see if the network was down. It was not. Checking my contacts online, I realize that non of the contacts from mid-April forward were there either. So...I manually entered numbers so that the online phone book and the one on my phone are the same. I changed my PIN thinking that maybe the PIN was the problem with the connection, no such luck. I spent 20 minutes online with tech support, but no luck. They said to call back if it didn't correct itself in 24 hours.

    I guess as a side note I should say that I also had an issue with my favorite contacts widget. When I tried to send a text this morning, I clicked on my daughter's link but the contact that came up was someone completely different and unrelated. I checked several other contacts from the widget and most had some completely different contact associated. The only way I could fix it was to delete the contact. When I did that, I would have to go back and manually re-enter that contact into my contacts list. One of my frequent contacts on the widget had 5 unrelated numbers associated with it. (For example...My brother-in-law's contact list had first CVS, then my neighbor, then another office locally, then my insurance carrier. I would delete one and the next would come up. Finally after deleting each of these, my brother-in-law's contact information came up.) Any ideas what my problem with my contact's list is?
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