Applications for those of us in IT (network admins, PC Techs, developers, etc)

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    I figured I'd start a thread about this, since I couldn't find any searching for IT or Network Administration. If there is one, I'll consolidate into there.

    I figure there are quite a few of us that have Droids.

    Post the apps in this thread for others to enjoy.

    Ones I've found so far are below.


    Network Discovery: Network Discovery v0.2.5.2 Application for Android | Tools

    IP Calc: IP Address Calculator v1.2 Application for Android | Tools

    CIDR calculator: CIDR Calculator v1.9 Application for Android | Tools

    ConnectBot: ConnectBot v1.5.5 Application for Android | Communication

    Android-VNC-Viewer: android-vnc-viewer v0.3.1 Application for Android | Communication

    Remote Desktop Client: Remote Desktop Client v1.4.0 Application for Android | Communication