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    Have you considered dropping the big bucks on the phone that dwarfs all the rest!? Have the Touchwiz features caught your eye, but you would just like an opportunity to try them first before committing to a 2 year contract with this phone? You are in luck. Samsung has so much faith that you will love their features and have to have them once you have tried them that they have released an app to the play store that allows you to try them before you buy them. The Samsung Note 3 Experience app allows you to test out all of the important Note 3 features.

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    You can test out features like air command, Pen window, and action memo. You will also find Multi-window, S Finder, and many other features. There are also some details about Note 3 accessories. This app really gives you all the info and pretty much everything you need to know about the Note 3, this way you can be completely confident in whether or not you will be satisfied with this purchase. Grab this app at the play link below.

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